Photography by Kate Jennings

April 29 2015

  • Many Icelanders do not have a family name or surname, so they take on their father’s name.
  • Rotten shark meat is a specialty in Iceland.
  • Iceland has no army, navy, or air force.

  • Almost all of Iceland’s electricity and heating come from hydroelectric power and geothermal water reserves.
  • Icelandic rainwater is so clean and pure that it is used without any treatment.
  • Over 11% of the country is covered by glaciers.
  • The Icelandic government offered an island to Björk, but she turned down the offer.
  • A male orca named Keiko, captured near Iceland in 1979, starred in Free Willy. In 1998, he was returned to Icelandic waters.
  • 30 post-glacial volcanoes have erupted in Iceland in the past two centuries.

  • The largest of 20 active volcanoes in Iceland is Vatnajökull and covers 8% of the country.
  • Hekla is Iceland’s most active volcano; Hekla is also a common female name in Iceland.