Imogene Barron

Lead photo by Jason Lee Parry

April 22 2015

Imogene Barron is a freelance stylist, creative director and consultant who lives and works between Sydney and Los Angeles. She’s made headway in the fashion world as Fashion Director at Oyster, Yen and Dazed & Confused Australia, as well as contributing to numerous titles such as Russh, Monster Children, Black, Wonderland and Dazed & Confused UK. She currently edits and publishes soon to be released Junk Magazine.

How did you get involved in fashion and styling?

As a kid I was always into fashion, I used to wear ridiculous pink tulle fairy princess dresses on a daily basis. I started styling test shoots when I was about 16, left school and assisted for about 5 years, I had an amazing mentor by the name of David Bonney whom I worked closely with for years, I wouldn¹t be where I

am today without him, he was so trusting and believed in me and taught me so much. I started working at a magazine at 19 and things basically just rolled on from there.

Why did you move to America?

I moved to America for a change. I had been working in Sydney for over 10 years and was feeling a little restricted in terms of where I could move creatively. I wanted to push myself on all aspects, America seemed like the next logical step.

What did you do in Australia right before moving to Los Angeles?

I moved back to my home town of Avalon for a year, which is a beautiful coastal town on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, about an hour out of the city.

I was getting somewhat frustrated with the scene in Sydney I needed to remove myself for a moment, It’s nice starting your day cleansing in the ocean! It served the perfect purpose and allowed me to focus 100% on work.

Can you tell us about an upcoming project?

I have just started working on launching a new print project Junk Magazine with my best friend and partner in crime (now business) Lucy Rose, we have the multitalented Brian Roettinger on board as creative director and some incredible contributors lined up for the first issue.

We commence shooting this month and are hoping to launch late October, I think it’s refreshing to be doing something interesting that is coming out of the West Coast.

What are your favorite things about living in LA? Can you tell us about where you live?

I love LA, It has a similar lifestyle to Sydney and the sun shines almost every day. I was lucky enough to find a cute little cottage that has an amazing history, they are known as the “Snow White cottages of Los Feliz” and rumour has it that the cottages may have been used by creators of the original film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Walt Disney had animation studios around the corner back in the day. The cottages were inspiration for the dwellings inhabited by the dwarfs in the film. Elliott Smith also occupied two of the cottages and wrote a lot of music here, they were also the Sierra Bonita apartments in David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”.

I love the fact that LA is so close to so many incredible elements of the earth, the beach, desert, forest etc are only an hour away in all different directions. Knowing that you can escape at any given moment is a great feeling.

It’s definitely a city on the rise, filled with incredibly creative and talented people.

I also enjoy that you can remain somewhat anonymous here, slipping in and out without having to run into people all the time, but culture wise there are so many amazing things at your fingertips.

What is your work process like? Do you have a set way of prepping for shoots and projects, or is every time different?

It’s different every time depending on the project. it starts as a simple dream or a momentary thought, sourcing visual references for inspiration, list making and pulling together a team that I know can achieve my vision and make what once started as a dream a reality are all huge parts of the creative process.

What are your favorite lines to live by?

“You can achieve anything you put your mind to”

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

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